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Education Approach

Education Approach


Educating for The Future

Open City educational activities aimed to form "the citizens of tomorrow", are based on fourth important methodological assumptions:

  1. Disciplines cannot be taught in isolation but in relation each with the other;
  2. Every discipline has to contain cross cutting themes (i.e. teaching mathematics implies the reference to topics such environment, health or ethics);
  3. Education has to be aimed to explain the" why" of things rather than the" how";
  4. The educational model has to be conceived in such a way to privilege the concept of "process" rather than of "measure". The first consider facts in their interrelation and corresponds to the organic view of the life; the second considers facts in isolation according to the mechanist and theoretical view.


School as a Factor of Citizenship

Education is the most important vector of child-adolescent communication. It is important to equip teachers with supplementary materials finalized to introduce the curriculum instruction cross-cutting issues such as environment, cultural diversity, civic values, heritage etc.

The instruments developed by the Open City want: 

  1. Create and/or improve awareness of civic values ​​as collective moral resources as well as lead to an understanding of sustainable development as the best way;
  2. Stimulate the mental correlation between these concepts and traditional areas of knowledge through an inter and transdisciplinary approach;
  3. Create a mindset that goes beyond the educational concepts and school boundaries, addressing aspects of real life;
  4. Bring to the student to think and interact with society in which he lives: their society, their environment.

The adoption of classes with such themes make the school a factor of citizenship.

Indeed, the interpretation of the traditional discipline through themes of real life makes the learning process a link with practical experience, inducing children to positive behavior.


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