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Being an Open City NGO affiliate means working together on shared programs.


National NGO

To be a National NGO means to develop and work in shared projects and programs.
Subject to Open City acceptance:

a) If you want to establish in your area a National Open City entity you should be an affiliate as individual and enter in contact with Open City with your proposal. In any case it has to be a non profit NGO acting according to the law of your country on the basis of a statute complying with the Open City mission, values principles and objectives and any other request foresee in the affiliation rules or decided by the Open City management.

b) If you are already an established NGO you will have to write on regard to Open City. In any case be aware that one of the request is for your statute to state and comply with Open City mission and values. Both cases are subject to Open City acceptance.

Be a National Open City NGO also means to be supported in fundraising activities on behalf of shared projects you will be carrying out in your area.


International NGO

If you are an International NGO coordinating a network NGOs with mission and values that comply with Open City's, become our affiliate to work together in international programs and projects for adding value to institutions and society.

For more information write to: 

Our current affiliates :

  • Associazioni Oasi Maria SS, Troina, Italy
  • Fundação Oásis Cidade Aberta, FOCA, Brazil
  • Associação para o Desenvolvimento Sócio Cultural da Comunidade, CRIART, Brazil
  • Associação Cidade Aberta de Portugal, FOCA, Portugal

Other Open City Organizations are under establishment and will come soon.

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